Reliance Jio Success (Adds 96 lakh subscribers)

Highlights for Reliance Jio success

  1. TRAI has released Telecom Subscription Report for Reliance jio success.
  2. Telephone subscribers of Reliance Jio decreased in April compared to March.
  3. Despite the total reduction, the subscriber’s subscriber base continues to rise for Reliance Jio success

Reliance jio

According to Trai’s released Telecom subscription report revealed in April, the number of telephone subscribers for Vodafone decreased by 4.85% compared to the month of March. At the end of March, this number was 120662 crores, in April this number dropped to 114.771 crores. While the total number of subscribers has fallen, Reliance Jio has maintained its momentum. In April, the company added 96 lakh subscribers. The number added to March (94 lakhs) is more than the subscriber, which has already worked for reliance Jio Success.

TRAI report says that Idea has 55 million, Airtel has earned 4.5 million subscribers in the month of April. BSNL added 7 lakh subscribers in the month of April. In March, Vodafone lost 5 lakh subscribers in March. Reliance Jio’s ‘Dabda’ persists. Talking to Airtel, it still has the largest share (27.44%) in the wireless subscriber market. Vodafone is on the list with 19.74%, Idea remains at 19.27 FSI Market Share. Geo holds 17.44 percent stake in this list.

Now come on broadband. TRAI has provided details of those who provide Internet service at speeds of 512 Kbps. This includes wired subscribers, mobile device subscribers, and fixed wireless subscribers. At the end of March, where subscribers were 41.260 crores, their number has reached 41.979 crores at the end of April. That is, a monthly increase of 1.74 percent has been found. Geo has 19.619 million subscribers in the broadband segment. After this, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea have made the place. In April, Geo alone holds 46.74% of the broadband market share.

Speaking of the wired broadband segment, the burning of BSNL remains intact. Airtel is on second place in the list. Please tell that all the Geo Subscriber is in the account of Wireless Broadband Segment, which has kept the company strong.


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